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  • Categories: Awards193 words1 min read

    Best Contemporary Kitchen, 0,001 or more You know what’s even hotter than the weather right now? Revision Built at the 40th annual GOHBA awards! We have been nominated for another award – Contemporary Kitchens 0,001 or more. View the Westboro Addition. Allison and Jeremy, a young family from Westboro,

  • Categories: Awards239 words1.2 min read

    We are delighted to announce that Sandi’s Dream is a finalist in the prestigious 2023 GOHBA Housing Design Awards for the category Best Renovation 150K - 250K! Our client, Sandi, had long envisioned rejuvenating her kitchen, family room, and sunroom at her residence, a lovely property nestled on a

  • Categories: Customer Service298 words1.5 min read

    The Importance of Customer Service My travel ambitions have taken me to some of the most diverse corners of the world, allowing me to enjoy a broad spectrum of customer service experiences. Some of them were sterling examples of hospitality, turning my trips into memorable adventures. Some felt more

  • Categories: Front-End Design475 words2.4 min read

    The Importance of front-end design Ah, the age-old conundrum of home renovations: Whose fault is it when projects kick off without a proper design in place? Is it the eager client chomping at the bit to see their dream home materialize? Or perhaps the contractor, who may not

  • Categories: Mid-Century Homes, Renovations557 words2.8 min read

    Turning Old School into Modern Picture Ottawa, from the swinging 60's through to the edge of the millennium - a period that bore witness to an unprecedented housing boom. Thousands of residential units sprung to life during these thriving decades, their designs and functions embodying the spirit of their

  • Categories: Energy112 words0.6 min read

    The Future of Energy The future of energy sources is increasingly focused on sustainability and efficiency. Media coverage emphasizes the importance of transitioning to renewable energy for environmental and economic reasons, but many people may not be aware of the progress made so far. The shift towards clean