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At Revision Built, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re crafting experiences, building dreams, and forging lifelong partnerships with our clients. Each member of our team is a pivotal piece of this journey, dedicated to blending skill, artistry, and integrity in every project. Welcome to a world where every build is a masterpiece, every detail is a stroke of genius, and every client is a cherished partner. Welcome to Revision Built.

Philip Coe, CEO

Philip is the driving force behind Revision Built, with a commitment to client education and satisfaction at the core of his leadership. He is devoted to collaborating intensively with our designers, pinpointing potential challenges, and crafting innovative solutions. Philip is hands-on in managing project planning, ensuring the harmonious coordination of trade specialists and adherence to schedules and progress benchmarks.

With an eye always on quality and safety, Philip frequently inspects construction sites, ensuring that every build meets the highest standards. His passion for continuous learning propels him to stay abreast of the latest innovations and practices in building, ensuring our clients receive modern, efficient, and sustainable constructions. Under his guidance, new talents are nurtured, ensuring a future where quality and innovation are constants.

Trudy Metcalfe, Human Resources, Customer Care

Trudy epitomizes inspiration and integrity. With a background that includes starting, growing and managing the Inuit medical boarding home Larga Baffin and catering for thousands as a chef, Trudy’s people management skills are unparalleled. She is a compass of morality and integrity, always steering the team towards doing what’s right, making her an invaluable member of our family.

Sofia Trinidad, Architectural Technologist/Designer/Estimator

Sofia combines artistry and precision, bringing clients’ visions to life with beautiful and accurate digital renderings. Her meticulous nature extends to estimating and preparing detailed documents, ensuring accuracy and clarity. Sofia’s unwavering work ethic and respectfulness make her not just a team member, but a treasure.

Aidean Lucea, Architectural Technologist/Designer/Estimator

Aidean may be quiet and reserved, but his work speaks volumes. Currently in his third year at Algonquin College, he transforms concept sketches from our architect into precise working drawings with an eye for detail that is beyond his years. Aidean is quickly becoming a cornerstone of our design and estimation team, learning and growing at an accelerated pace.