In November 2015, the owners of a property located in Blackburn Hamlet contacted us with an immediate and urgent need. Due to an unexpected change in their family circumstances, they were required to promptly expand their home to accommodate an elderly relative. Their home, originally built in 1974, was in need of an additional living space – an in-law suite, to be precise. The design blueprint suggested repurposing the current living room space to accommodate a new bathroom, bedroom, and a compact kitchenette. In addition, we were to construct an extension that would serve as the new living room and kitchen bump-out dining area. This new area was uniquely designed to be surrounded by windows, offering a panoramic view of the lush greenbelt forest. The flat roof was also constructed to support a “green roof”.

Once the holiday season concluded, we hit the ground running. In the early days of 2016, we embarked on the excavating phase of the project. Older homes often present unique challenges during renovations. However, despite the hurdles, we accomplished our mission in just four months, wrapping up the project by mid-May.

Fast forward seven years, and the homeowners are still enjoying the added space. They’ve required our services just once for a minor issue – a loose screw. But what we find more heartening is that we’ve been invited back twice, not for any repairs, but for friendly cups of tea. It’s these enduring relationships with our clients that truly reflect our commitment to providing high-quality work and exceptional service.

The existing roof, siding, soffit, and fascia were replaced, along with all of the finishes on the main floor of the existing home, and master bedroom. We also worked closely with the client to customize the bathroom vanity and shower to allow for wheelchair access. All project contributors, including specialty trades, suppliers, and the Revision Built team, delivered the desired results on budget and in a timely, professional manner. We were so pleased that the architect and family were thrilled with the final outcome! To read more about this project, see this feature in the Ottawa Citizen.