In this project, we had the privilege of collaborating with a homeowner who had a clear and distinct vision. The existing kitchen and bathrooms, dating back to around 1990, had seen better days and were due for an upgrade. Working closely with the owner, we breathed life into her dream by crafting uniquely customized rooms.

While attending to the aesthetic transformation, we also tackled a critical plumbing issue. The house had Poly-B pipes, which are known to be prone to failure and can lead to pressurized leaks. With the walls and floors already open during the renovation, we took the opportunity to replace all the Poly-B piping with more reliable Pex supply lines.

Moreover, we revamped the entire electrical system. We rewired the kitchen and bathrooms, replaced the old electrical panel, and upgraded the service for enhanced safety and functionality.

In testament to the quality of our work and the satisfaction of the homeowners, we were invited back a year later to revamp two additional bathrooms. It’s always a pleasure to see our clients’ dreams take shape, and this project was no exception.