The owners of this house were grappling with a generations-old squirrel infestation in their attic. These unwelcome tenants gnawed on support beams and electrical wiring, creating a dangerous and destructive situation. The house’s wooden soffit and siding provided little defense against these persistent critters. Beyond these issues, the homeowners also aimed to extend their living space to comfortably host friends and family.

They engaged an architect to conceptualize a new third-floor addition and entrusted Revision Built with the task of bringing the design to life.

Once demolition commenced, the extent of the squirrel damage became apparent. Collar ties and rafters were gnawed considerably, and we even unearthed a squirrel skeleton beside a bare wire that had been chewed through. Insulation included copies of a 1956 crumpled newspaper.

Despite these challenges, the renovation, as the pictures illustrate, is a stunning success! We collaborated closely with the engineer and architect to inject both aesthetics and practicality into this 1940s house. With the introduction of closed-cell insulating foam and triple-glazed windows, and considering the house’s southwest-facing orientation, the new loft’s auxiliary heating, a ductless unit, was rarely used.

Exceeding the owners’ expectations, Revision Built delivered a transformation that continues to delight the homeowners years later.

“Beginning in 2010, Phil has completed, to our full satisfaction, five major renovations for us which have totally transformed our home: two bathrooms, a kitchen, a family room and, lastly, in 2017, a conversion of our unused attic into an amazing en-suite, master bedroom. In each of these renovations, Phil and his skilled team accomplished the work with competence and care, determined to derive as much satisfaction from the completed project as we did. The fact that we have entrusted Revision Built with five major renovation projects over several years surely speaks for itself!”

– John and Carolyn MacDonald