Stepping into a 1959 two-story home that was crying out for a makeover, we at Revision Built were more than ready to take on the renovation rodeo. The first floor and a pair of bathrooms upstairs were stripped down to their bare bones, revealing a myriad of outdated building practices and troublesome issues lurking beneath the surface.

But every problem uncovered was an opportunity in disguise. We banished constricting walls, bulky bulkheads, obstructive headers, and other restrictive elements to the annals of the past. In their place, we introduced hidden flush beams and cutting-edge spray foam insulation, catapulting the property into the 21st century while enhancing comfort levels significantly.

The result was nothing short of an architectural metamorphosis! The home emerged from its chrysalis of dated design and construction issues, spreading its wings as a modern, spacious, and inviting abode. Truly, a renovation journey as fascinating as the transformation itself!