Transitioning from a spacious house to a more compact condominium, the owners of this property faced a unique challenge – how to make a smaller space feel just as grand. Enter our design team, wielding ingenious solutions to turn this conundrum into a showcase of smart design.

Firstly, we said goodbye to the traditional hinged doors, swapping them out for sleek pocket doors. This not only saved valuable space but also added a modern touch to the interiors. To further enhance the sense of space and light, we cleverly introduced transom windows in rooms that were previously devoid of natural illumination.

One of the more technical challenges involved relocating a roof drain that incongruously cut through the original kitchen. With this obstacle out of the way, the kitchen was free to shine as the heart of the home.

But our mission to maximize the space didn’t stop there. We incorporated a host of clever design elements, each meticulously planned to utilize every square inch of the condo. The end result is a space that feels entirely new and remarkably spacious – a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and strategic planning.

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