In response to our clients’ need for additional space to accommodate their expanding family, we were tasked with designing and constructing a whole new living area on the second floor, utilizing the existing flat roof as inspiration. 

Our architect’s design included key features such as a spacious bedroom, an attached bathroom, a dedicated laundry space, and ample storage in the form of closets. To enhance comfort and energy efficiency, we installed a fully redesigned and modern HVAC dual zone system to replace the old furnace.

In addition to the living space, we also incorporated an office with its own separate entrance and made several other beneficial upgrades. The scope of the project was significant and presented us with a variety of challenges to overcome, including the removal of squirrels and wasp nests from the floor and roof assembly, fixing leaks, and repairing structural damage.

Despite these challenges, we successfully completed the renovation, effectively addressing and resolving the homeowners’ space issues. We are extremely proud of the resulting transformation and the added value we were able to bring to the homeowners’ property.

“We are very happy with the addition constructed for our home by Revision Built. Philip Coe assisted us through the entire process, working with a talented architect to produce a design that integrated beautifully with our existing home. The design was brought to life with precision by the Revision Built team, who were reliable and professional from the selection of materials and components, through to demolition, construction and finishing.

Phil really cares about constructing an exceptional product and uses quality materials without increases to the price agreed to in the contract. During the construction, he informed us of some areas of concern in our existing home and offered to fix those with contract adjustments that were fair and reasonable.

Revision Built stands by their work and was on site until we were completely satisfied. We have been enjoying our addition for over a year now and we count ourselves lucky that we went with Revision Built.”