In March 2018, the proud new owners of a house in Manotick Estates dropped by our booth at the Ottawa Spring Home Show. They had recently purchased a house that was caught in a 1990s time warp, complete with salmon faux marble main hall and an interior layout that catered to a very specific taste – just not theirs. They were on the lookout for a reliable company that could translate their vision into reality. After some discussions, we agreed that we’d make a great team, and so we set off on this exciting journey together.

The transformation was extensive: we eradicated load-bearing walls, inserting flush beams for structural integrity; we replaced the main floor ceilings, installing LED recessed lights and updating the switches, receptacles, and light fixtures; we introduced a new hardwood staircase and installed new flooring throughout.

But before we could dive into the renovation, we ensured all our ducks were in a row. We secured the necessary permits and engineering drawings, and rallied our trusted network of trade partners. With the permits in hand, we commenced the demolition on November 7.

We worked diligently, making sure the renovation was completed on time. As promised, by December 21, the house was ready to welcome its new occupants. Their moving truck arrived on the very day we completed our work, just in time for them to settle in for their first Christmas in their newly renovated home.

“After purchasing our large home late October 2017, we wanted to do quite a few renovations – taking down three supporting walls, replacing 90% of carpet and tile floors with hardwood, including the large curved stairs, modernize all lighting, and numerous other updates. And we wanted it all to be done by Christmas! Yes, that was a crazy goal. On the home show we met Philip, from RevisionBuilt and we found him very experienced, and trustworthy. The results: perfectly executed renovations, meticulously done every detail, and – on budget and on time! The RevisionBuilt team and their selected subcontractors worked hard to meet our deadlines, and did a great work. I highly recommend them.