Attending the Ottawa Home Show led two homeowners, each unhappy and frustrated with their outdated and unsafe bathrooms, to our doorstep. Both projects were tackled simultaneously, transforming them from functional nightmares into spaces of comfort and tranquility.

The first project involved a significant expansion of the bathroom by reclaiming space from an unnecessarily large hallway and a surplus closet. The homeowners’ dream of a spacious 4-piece bathroom was fulfilled with our meticulous planning and execution.

The second project was a throwback to the vintage era with a modern twist. A bathroom adorned with striking black trim was our design, but the crown jewel was the unique vanity. A true one-of-a-kind piece, it was supplied and restored by the homeowner, adding a personal touch to the space.

However, our work was not limited to just renovation. As we delved deeper into the projects, we discovered hazardous electrical wiring and faulty plumbing lurking behind the walls, left by previous contractors over the years.

Despite these additional challenges, the transformations of these two bathrooms were completed within a few short weeks. Our commitment to quality and safety ensured that these homeowners could finally enjoy their bathrooms as spaces of serenity and functionality.