Following our successful construction of a luxury ensuite bathroom and pool house for our clients in 2018 and 2019, we were re-engaged to renovate their 1980’s era kitchen, living room, and sunroom. The area for renovation was expansive, almost 1000 square feet.

The client, Sandi, expressed her desire for a dream kitchen and requested more light in the space. As part of our renovations, we removed a sizeable header located between the living room and sunroom and incorporated oak accents throughout the area for added aesthetic appeal.

In the process, we discovered a serious structural issue: a steel post from the original construction was missing, and a leak in the roof had caused rot in the wooden structure. This defect gradually led to a slow collapse of that part of the house.

We addressed this critical problem and completed the project within a brisk 29-day timeframe, from January 4 to February 17, 2023, due to effective planning and execution. The completed renovation is impressive and exceeds the client’s expectations.

This project was nominated the for 2023 GOHBA Housing Design Awards for the category Best Renovation 150K – 250K!