We couldn’t have been more thrilled when our project was announced as a FINALIST in the 2022 GOHBA Home Design Awards – a first for us in as many tries!

Allison and Jeremy, a young family from Westboro, commissioned us to not only design and build an addition to their home, but also to revamp its existing layout, and renovate the whole home. As we embarked on this renovation journey, we came across several issues due to subpar work done previously. However, we took these challenges in our stride, rectifying all the problems as we progressed.

Our design proposed a seamless ceiling spanning from the front of the house to the back without any breaks, which created an illusion of heightened ceilings despite their actual 8-foot height. We also re-engineered the headers above the patio doors and windows to maximize openness and feel. Despite numerous upgrades and changes requested during the course of the project, we stayed on schedule, achieving 98% completion in just four months.

To sweeten the deal and ensure a smooth transition for the family during the renovation, we provided them accommodation in our ‘Reno Escape’ Airbnb. This gesture added an extra layer of comfort and convenience for them, making their renovation journey all the more enjoyable.

This project was nominated at the 2023 GOHBA Awards for best Contemporary Kitchens $100,001 or more!

“We met Philip at the Ottawa Home Show in 2018 and while we had discussions with other companies, he impressed us right away with his knowledge of all aspects of the building trade and his ability to provide advice on design. We initially hired him to turn a bedroom into an additional bathroom in 2018 and because of the excellent result, we have gone back to him on several occasions in 2019 and 2020 with other projects in and around the house. Each time we were impressed with the work for a number of reasons:

-The design process is very cooperative with Philip making suggestions to ensure that we got the best information to make an informed decision;
-They hire the best people in the building trade, either directly working for their company or third-party contractors;
-They were invariably very good at their jobs while at the same time Philip would supervise them to get the result we wanted;
-When at times things did not work out exactly as initially expected, which is normal when working with a large number of subcontractors and suppliers, Philip would always explain what had happened and ensure that the result was exactly what we had contracted for.

We have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Philip to anybody who is looking for high-quality work for a reasonable price.”

-Ruth Walden and Joseph Rikhof