The owner of this 1960s bungalow had a vision: transform their basement into a Secondary Dwelling Unit, thereby creating an additional income source and enhancing their property’s value. And with our help, they turned this vision into reality.

This 2018 project resulted in a fully self-contained unit boasting independent hydro and hot water systems, along with cutting-edge safety features. The unit, with its high-velocity heating system connected to an on-demand hot water heater, offers remarkable efficiency.
However, this transformation wasn’t without its hurdles. We discovered leaking and degraded underground drains, which required immediate replacement with ABS pipes and a backflow check valve – a necessity for preventing sewer backups as per the Ontario Building Code.

To ensure ample natural light, we enlarged all existing windows and added two more, complying with the glazing to floor space ratio requirements. The revamp also included a brand new 2-ton A/C unit, a complete overhaul of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.

Guided by professional engineering and rigorous inspections, we secured an occupancy permit within three months of receiving the building permit. This project stands as a testament to combining vision with practicality and achieving results that truly enhance the value of a property. To the owner’s delight, the space was promptly rented the very same weekend it was posted, days after completion and receipt of the occupancy permit.

The new unit will pay for itself in six years, with only two years to go – then it’s all gravy. The property has more than doubled in value since completion too.. what a great investment that was!