Tales of Taxi Travel: The Unfiltered Story of Customer Experience

The Importance of Customer Service

My travel ambitions have taken me to some of the most diverse corners of the world, allowing me to enjoy a broad spectrum of customer service experiences. Some of them were sterling examples of hospitality, turning my trips into memorable adventures. Some felt more like a misadventure, imprinting everlasting memories one would rather forget. 

In Hollywood, Florida, my taxi driver apparently decided to give me a surprise tour. What was supposed to be a quick, direct drive from the airport to my hotel, and $50 fare, turned into a mini-voyage around a winding retirement village; and I got to pay for the extra time and distance! Talk about an unwelcome surprise.

My encounter with a taxi driver in Cairo turned out to be a touching experience. I was waiting for my sister when we hit a snag because of her lost phone. Despite the delay caused by the misplaced device, our driver, a kind-hearted man named Abdulerman, chose to wait at the airport voluntarily. For nearly two hours, he waited until my sister was found. When he spotted a petite blonde woman matching my sister’s description, he introduced himself and kindly offered her his phone. Being able to talk to her and coordinate our 45-minute journey to our Giza hotel was such a relief. Everything went smoothly, thanks to him. I was so moved by Abdulerman’s kindness and initiative that I hired him as our driver for our entire two-week stay in Egypt. Interestingly, both drivers worked for the same ride-sharing company. What a small world!

In essence, travel offered me two starkly contrasting customer experiences with two different drivers. These experiences set the stage for my journey and served as a striking reminder of the power of customer service in shaping our stories.

Published On: June 13th, 2023Categories: Customer Service1 min read

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